Friday, August 17, 2012

Los Barriles in the Rain

The rain has stopped for now but there is still quite a system out there to our East and North. Maybe it will go up and clobber San Diego; they need some rain.

When the state rebuilt the road in downtown Los Barriles, it was designed to operate as the city's storm drain. Seeing as how there was storm water that was trying to drain, Donna and I went to check it out. Looks like their project is working as advertised! The first part of the video shows us driving through town on the "drainage" route to the ocean. The second part is about an hour later, after a short stop at Los Pescadores hotel to harass a friend, we drive back to check the water level downtown. Remember when LB was a giant mudhole after an average rain? This is way better. When I'm king, I'll fix the sidewalk problem...