Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anthony Mullin's Boring Adventure

Ed and Ella's had their 10-year-old grandson down for a few weeks. Curious, a friend asked him the obvious question,”So, did you have a good time?" He and his grandmother (Ella) sent this response. What do you think, was he really “bored”?

 My boring Baja Vacation       by Anthony Mullins

The first thing I did was learn to drive an ATV. I liked learning how to drive and shift the gears. I bugged grandma and grandpa everyday to drive it. At first I could only drive around the block but then I got good enough to drive by myself. I even got to drive it home with my grandma on the back all the way from La Ribera.

I got stung by a jelly fish. That was the worse day of my trip, it hurt really badly but I’m okay now! Went swimming at Buena Vista Beach Resort pool on Father’s Day; since they have memberships there. It was nice to play and swim with my grandpa.

I went snorkeling. I liked floating around and seeing all the fish. I even saw a trumpetfish. I snorkeled with my grandpa first and then I snorkeled with my grandma. We went with Deb and Sam (my grandparents friends) and we took the Kabota (a cart) down the beach. I even got to drive it….it was slow.

I got to go to the car/truck races, Baja style! I met Bob and Donna Farmer’s son Patrick at their house. He invited my grandpa, Sam, Mike (grandpa’s friend) and I to watch him race outside LaPaz. I got to sit in his car, too.

I went fishing on Sam’s boat. Sam caught a marlin that day. It was a medium-sized marlin and the only thing we caught that day.

My grandma and grandpa surprised me with the trip. They fooled me by telling me they needed to go shopping in San Jose. We went to the new marina in San Jose and played with them in the water. I liked when the dolphin pushed me on the boogie board; it went really fast. The dolphins feel really soft. I got to kiss one and he kissed me back! I got to hold him and then push him away to let him know I was done.

I also got to hold his fins and dance with him. The dolphin we had was a male and his mate was in the same pool but with other people.

We played water volleyball at our friend Mike’s place; he owns La Trinidad RV Park and restaurant. My grandma teaches water aerobics there and after class Deb, Sam, my grandpa and grandma and I played water volleyball. I played both teams and did the serving. I also went for day ATV ride to swim at Mike’s and then we drove the ATVs down to the estuaries where we looked for shells and driftwood. Grandma and I ran into the water and fell in to cool off. We had lots of fun. Then we went to lunch in La Ribera at George’s. I got to drive the ATV back home with my grandma on the back. She must really trust my driving. I also got to go for boat ride on Sam’s boat. We collected shells and coral, swam and dove off the boat, saw dolphin and rays. Sam took us on a boat ride up to Bay of Dreams. Along the way we saw a big pod of dolphins. They were playing in our wake, as well as jumping in the air. They were giving us a big show. There were a few who liked to swim in the front of the boat, too. Deb, grandma and I were leaning over the bow of the boat watching them swim. I think they saw us and liked us looking at them. They were very fun to watch.

My grandma and grandpa’s friends Martha and Larry invited me to go out and fish with them. They have a  63-ft boat . Their grandchildren Blake and Dane were there, too. I got to see big sea turtles. But the best was that I caught my first marlin all by myself. It was about 100 pounds. WHEW!

My new friend Dane, grandma and grandpa and I hiked up this big mountain. We were really high up. We threw rocks off it and could not see them land. We had to leave at 6:30 in the morning because it would be too hot to go any later.

I got to ride in a razor with Dane and his family. My friend Dane’s family invited me to go up into the arroyo on their razor. I got to ride one of their quads. Dane’s mom Ally rode on the back of the quad. We saw mountain goats and one was still even on the mountain. I also got to ride in a Baja buggy up to the Santiago waterfall. My new friend Dane, grandma and grandpa and I hiked up this big mountain. We were really high up. We threw rocks off it and could not see them land. We had to leave at 6:30 in the morning because it would be too hot to go any later.

Sam and Deb rented a baja buggy. It was able to seat four people. Their son Chris, his girlfriend and another friend were here and they went with us. They drove Sam and Deb’s ATVs. My cousin Cathy who came down with me drove the Kabota. We got a flat in the Kabota but we were able to fix it. Sam and Deb took it back to Mike’s place and let us drive the baja buggy up to the waterfall. The waterfall wasn’t going very well but the water felt great. Chris and his friend Nate were jumping into the water off the big rocks.

So I guess my summer vacation wasn’t very boring after all!

 Note: This was taken from "1st person fishing report" posted by Robin "Wade in the Water."