Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Pompano by Steve Herter

As the hockey boys said to Allen Iversen......... No, I still practice and practice......

every day now, a glorious excursion, a new hope bubbling up as I excitedly dress the new fly,

and yesterday, in this hopeless green water sentence we are given,

whilst I was out there talking to this guide Jeff from Bozeman Montana-
he says look at that:
 a puffer fish getting beat up by a fish just thrashing it on the shore not 20 yards from us:

I pushed Jeff and yelled: Run! Throw! and startled, he ran and threw and damn,

this big pompano made him very happy........caught on the fly he just tied!

and this grinning old fool man was there to tell him what it was, take his picture, and send the picture to him-ha! He reports it ate very well!

So no, I still fish and fish and gloriously, fish alone today because Bonnie has to work, so I can race way down beach, scaring myself in my nascar race with myself right by the sea edge...............

and you should see today's fly!