Friday, April 20, 2012

Sand Masters at the Lord of the Winds

Have you wandered over to the beach lately? It's filling up with wind surfers, kiters, food booths, people and HUGE sand castles. Our very own "Lord of the Winds" tournament organizers have enticed the Travel Channel to cover the event. What is really fun is that they brought a team of sand castle architects. Their first structure is on the beach in front of the Palmas hotel but is being torn down Friday morning to make room for the next one. My buddy Jim Brik and I were watching them finish filming yesterday afternoon. For their promo spot, they had their team stand behind this incredible sand structure and shout "The Travel Channel Moves You!!" I couldn't hear all that was being said but evidently the "crack" sandcastle team misunderstood and thought they were supposed to shout something else. Check out the video for the results.